Setup guide

PackWise installation guide


The installation is fast and easy, but if you do get stuck, do not hesitate to contact us, or wait for the access request from us, then we will finish the installation for you.


Create a private app for your shopify store

1.       Open your Shopify Dashboard and open the “Apps” menu

2.       Scroll to the buttom of the page and press “create private app”

3.       Fill out the fields as shown below

4.       Locate your API access token and password

Integrate PackWise

1.       Go to the PackWise application

2.       Log in with the email and password you used when signing up. If you have forgotten your password, you can always request a new one

3.       In the menu, go to “Settings”

4.       Press “Integration setup”

5.       Enter your “.myshopify” URL into the “shop URL” field.

a.       What is my “.myshopify” URL?

b.       In a new tab, open your Shopify dashboard

c.       In the URL field of your browser, you will see a
copy this address from https to .com/ and paste it into PackWise URL field

6.       Copy the API access token from Shopify into the access token field in PackWise

7.       Copy the API password from Shopify into the access token field in PackWise

8.       Press save

Now PackWise and Shopify are connected.

In the “Getting started guide”, you can customize what orders the dashboard will show, what happens when you have packed an order, add your logo and text to the packing confirmation PDF, and, learn the basics of using a barcode scanner with PackWise.


PackWise Getting started Guide


In this guide, you will go through the basic setup of PackWise, to ensure that you get the most out of the tool.

Dashboard orders

In the settings under “Orders” you can decide what orders you want to appear in the dashboard.

If you check the “fulfill in Shopify” checkbox, PackWise will mark an order that if packed in PackWise, as Fulfilled in Shopify.

Confirmation PDF setup

In the settings under “PDF customizations” you can add your logo to the confirmation PDF.

The header message will appear on all confirmation PDFs above the products that have been packed

The footer message will appear on all confirmations PDFs below the products that have been packed

If you want to change the design of the PDF, you can either send us the script by mail, or, you can get in contact and we can create a custom script for you, at


In the settings under “Users” you can add and remove access to new users. You can create max. 10 users. If you need more users, please contact us and we will find a solution, at

Barcode scanner setup guide

In this guide, we will cover how to install and use a barcode scanner with PackWise.

If you have signed up for an annual plane, you will receive a complimentary barcode scanner from us.

PackWise is designed to be used with a barcode scanner, it is the best way to use the app.

Installing the barcode scanner

Unpack you barcode scanner and connect the Bluetooth USB stick to the computer

The Barcode scanner works as plug and play so no additional installation is needed.

When you open an order to start packing, place the mouse in the “barcode” field and scan the product that you want to pack. The product will be added with the quantity of one to the packed products.

If you want to pack more than one product at a time, enter the amount before scanning the product.

After you have scanned your product, you do not need to place the mouse in the barcode field again.

How to pack an order with PackWise

In this guide, we will cover how you use the system and how to pack securely without any packing mistakes.

Open an order and begin to pack

1.       Go to the Dashboard and open the order you want to pack, if you cannot find it, you can search for the order number in the search field

2.       In the packing view, you can see the products you have to pack in the center of the screen and the products you have already packed to the right. On the left you have the packing admin, where you can enter the product quantity and the barcode field if you are using a barcode scanner with PackWise.

3.       Start packing by pressing the products you are packing from the unpacked products section.

4.       If your order is packed in more than one box, you can add another box in the packing admin

Remove a product

1.       If you pressed a product by mistake or want to remove it from the packed products, simply hover your mouse over the product name and press the X that appears to the right of the product name, the product then jumps back into the unpacked products list.

Remove a box from the order

1.       If you added too many boxes, or want to remove a box, simply empty the box for any products, the box will then not appear in the confirmation PDF

Change between boxes

1.       If you want to change the box you are currently packing in, simple press the name of the box you want to change to, and, continue packing.

Finished packing

Once you have finished packing, press the “complete order” button in the bottom right of the screen.

You can now decide to add a not to the order. The note will appear in the header of the PDF, below any preset text you have added in the settings.

You can print the PDF directly or send it to the customer.

The PDF will always be visible in the history overview if you need to access the PDF again.