Frequently Asked Questions

Does Packwise work with a barcode scanner?

Yes. We recommend that you use a barcode scanner for the most effective packing process. If you need help setting this up, be sure to reach out.

Can I use Packwise on my system/platform?

Yes. Packwise is a web-application, native for Shopify. It works seamlessly with any device. If you have another system than Shopify, then reach out and we will find a solution.

How do I install the app?

You can install Packwise through the Shopify app store. It is plug-and-play and works right away.

Can I try it before signing up?

Sure! You get the first 30 days on us. Plenty time to try it out and ask any questions you might have.

How many users can I create?

You can create any number of users. We use the credentials from your Shopify log-in, any user you can make in Shopify is a user in Packwise.

Con I customize the PDF?

Yes, you can add your logo and change the header and footer text. You can add a standard and a custom for each order.

How can I send the packing list to my customer?

When you are done packing, you can download the PDF directly. Any previous PDF is available under the History page.

How can i manage orders in Packwise

You can edit what order you want to import into Packwise in the settings. When an order is packed, you can choose if it should mark the order in Shopify as fulfilled or not.

I have not found an answer to my question?

No worries, reach out! We are here to help :-)

Did you not find an answer? get in touch, we're happy to help